Club Sport Finances

It should be the goal of all Club Sport teams to function financially independent of the George Washington University. The financial support for the operation of a Club Sport is to be borne to a large degree by the members of each club. If, at the end of the academic year, a club owes money to one or more  creditors, the Department of Athletics & Recreation can, and will, encumber individual members of that Club Sport to re-pay that creditor(s). Sport club funds must be used for the benefit of the entire group. Funds for Club Sport activities will normally come from the following sources:  Membership dues; Fund Raising / Donations; Budget allocation from the Office of Campus Recreation. 


Club Sports are strongly encouraged to institute membership dues. Club Sports receiving any financial assistance from the Office of Campus Recreation must collect a minimum dues of $25 per member per semester. This dues must be turned over to the Center for Student Engagement to be deposited in the particular sport club account. Any amount assessed for membership dues above this mandatory fee will be left entirely to the discretion of club officers. All funds collected as membership dues from members are to be used to cover the operational cost of the sport club such as travel and coaching expenses. Due to the nature of the club program, membership dues can fluctuate from year to year. It is also common for club's treasurer to ask for additional money from club members to meet financial obligations.

Budget Allocations

The Office of Campus Recreation funds most recognized Club Sport teams on campus. From a yearly budget allocation, the money is divided among the sport clubs that have requested financial assistance. Club Sport budget requests for each year are to be turned into the Recreational Sports Director by May 1st. These request will be reviewed by the Recreational Sports Director based on the following criteria:

  • Number of active members in the club
  • Previous activities and accomplishments of the club
  • Value of the club to the George Washington University
  • Prior year's club budget
  • The club's actual need
  • The club's compliance with the Office of Campus Recreation's rules & regulations pertaining to clubs
  • Past fund raising efforts of the club
  • Number of years that the club has been in existence
  • Assessment of each club's initiative, responsibility and morale
  • The club's competitive schedule

After a review by the Recreational Sports Director, allocations for each club will be established for the upcoming year. Additional requests may be submitted at any time during the year, but there is no guarantee that financial assistance will be available for the club after the May 1st deadline. Note: Any sport club which permits non GW affiliates or GW alumni to participate with the club will not be eligible for departmental allocated funds.

Club Expenses

An account will be set up for each sport club in the Center for Student Engagement. This account will contain the club's allocation for the academic year. All Club Sport expenses must be approved by Aubre Jones in the Office of Campus Recreation through an OrgSync Request.  Funds in this account may be used for the following purposes:

  • Conference dues & tournament entry fees
  • Officiating fees for home & away games
  • Team lodging and travel
  • Equipment purchases (any equipment purchased remain the property of GW)
  • Team uniforms (any uniforms purchased remain the property of GW)

To receive reimbursement for any approved expense, original receipts must be submitted to the Center for Student Engagement. The completed paperwork will then be forwarded to the university's Accounts Payable Department for payment. The check will be issued and returned to the Center for Student Engagement for pickup. Generally, this process takes a minimum of four weeks to complete. All funds allocated to a club by the Office of Campus Recreation must be used by May 1st. Allocated funds do not roll over to the following academic year.

Fund Raising

The members of the individual Club Sport teams generally share in the financial support of their clubs through the payments of individual dues and fund raising projects. Donations and sponsorships are conditional and must be brought to the attention of the Recreational Sports Director for approval.


All equipment purchased by a club with funds allocated by the George Washington University becomes the property of the Office of Campus Recreation and that particular sport club. Equipment does not belong to individual members. Equipment will be inventoried at the end of each academic year. Equipment is not to be used for any activity outside of sport club events. Individuals failing to return equipment or report damaged equipment will be held financially responsible.