club sports

Club Sports are registered student organizations established by students who are motivated by a common interest to participate in a specific sport. Club Sports are formed to provide an opportunity for members to learn new skills, engage in competition or enjoy recreational activities. They also offer opportunities for informal participation in accordance with the educational objectives of the George Washington University.

The Office of Campus Recreation and the Center for Student Engagement will advise and assist students with the development of their club. Students in each club are responsible for the internal organization and conduct of their club activities. Therefore, the success and strength of the Club Sports Program depends upon the initiative, motivation and leadership of the officers and the involvement of club members. As such, Club Sports present a unique opportunity for students to develop both sports and leadership skills. The management and organization of a Club Sport is an educational experience providing many challenges for students such as; writing their own constitution and by-laws, conducting club meetings, establishing dues to offset club expenditures, planning fund raising projects, coordinating practices, competition and special events, participating in community service projects, publicizing club events and working constructively with other club members to develop a successful program. 

Club Sports should not be mistaken for an intercollegiate sport administered by the Department of Athletics & Recreation. In a club, the members assume the organizational and management responsibilities. The Office of Campus Recreation and the Student Association provide financial support to the Club Program when funding is available. Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty & staff may participate at the club level. 

The Office of Campus Recreation is located in the Lerner Health & Wellness Center (2nd floor). It is the focal point for club activities and serves as an information resource center for students and faculty/staff who participate in club activities. The Recreational Sports Director - in conjunction with the Club Sports Council - serves as the liaison between the university and the club and will provide assistance when needed.

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