Women's Ultimate Club Tryouts

The GW Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team,  otherwise known as G-dub Ultimate or the Hungry Hungry Hippos,  has been around for several years and keeps on growing.  We are a competitive team of college women who travel to tournaments four to six weekends per semester and practice three to four times per week.  We’re composed mostly of athletes who became interested in ultimate upon coming to G-dub. Ultimate as a sport has been growing nationally in recognition and level of competition for the past few years and G-dub Ultimate continues to grow with it. 

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to unite women at the George Washington University who wish to play competitive ultimate and participate in high-level college tournaments. As ultimate players, our mission is to bring the spirit of the game back to sports, starting with our own. In ultimate, we respect our fellow athletes and play our sport under the tenet that competition can be both intense and non-destructive. GW women’s ultimate frisbee provides an opportunity for athletic women to experience both intense competition and good sportsmanship in the same arena.