What is a Club Sport?

The following criteria will be used by the Office of Campus Recreation to determine if an organization is a Club Sport:

  • Club membership is open to all current students, faculty and staff members of the George Washington University. Admission is open to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or educationally related handicap. All clubs are voluntary organizations.
  • Clubs adhere to written policies & procedures set forth by the Office of Campus Recreation and the Center for Student Engagement. These regulations pertain to membership guidelines & budget practices.
  • Clubs offer members a chance to develop their knowledge and skill to greater degrees by organized practices, clinics, & competition directed by knowledgeable individuals. Club coaches and assistants are never paid through university funds.
  • Clubs may be formed on three different levels of participation; competitive, recreational and instructional. Clubs may focus entirely on a single level of participation or a combination of all three.
  • Club members have a chance to exhibit their skills by competing against fellow club members and other club teams in the area. Clubs are not recognized as varsity intercollegiate athletic teams of the George Washington University.
  • Clubs do not grant financial aid, offer scholarships, or actively recruit student athletes in high schools.
  • Clubs are student run organizations and must be registered with both the Center for Student Engagement as well as with the Office of Campus Recreation.
  • Clubs are organized for physical recreation activity. The final determination on whether a recognized student organization is a "Club Sport" is made by the Club Sports Council.
  • Clubs must consist of at least ten (10) currently enrolled students at the George Washington University.