Travel Itinerary Form

Complete the Student Org Domestic Travel Registration Form through Engage anytime your Club is traveling domestically. All domestic travel, with the exception of travel occurring within the I-495 "Beltway", must be registered.

Please fill in the requested information and submit at least ten (10) business days prior to the proposed trip date. By communicating this information to the Office of Student Life and the Office of Campus Recreation, you are ensuring that all parties involved are aware of your travel plans.  Failure to complete and submit this information may result in the forfeiture of your trip.

Please note: Travel without completing this form my result in sanctions being imposed upon your organization to include loss of funding.

Organizations are also required to have all members sign off on a participation waiver for each trip that is completed as part of organization business. Please fill out the information, have all members who are traveling sign, then upload the completed document to your travel registration. If you do not have access to a scanner to upload the document (keeping in mind that the library is always an option) bring this completed form to the help desk in the Office for Student Life and we will scan it for you.