Sport Club Guidebook

You are about to become involved in the George Washington University's Campus Recreation Program. By carefully reading this Sport Club Guidebook you will hopefully get some idea of what Club Sports are all about at GW.

Table of Contents

The Office of Campus Recreation is a part of the Department of Athletics & Recreation. The program is comprised of unique components which provide physical recreational experiences. These components include: Intramural Sports, Group Fitness classes, Informal Free Play recreation, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Campus Rec Road trips and Club Sports. The philosophy of Campus Recreation envelopes and promotes the holistic approach to leisure; satisfaction derived through direct participation. We provide a total recreational program as an alternative to the consumption and use of harmful chemical substances. In addition to this ideal, we strongly believe in educating toward the worthy use of leisure. It is our hope that every individual, through participation in our program, will improve their sports skills, meet new friends, realize satisfaction and enjoyment, attain desirable social skills and pursue a life long commitment to an active lifestyle. 

Our Zero Tolerance Policy

No individual will be permitted to participate in any Club Sport while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If participants do not adhere to this regulation they will be removed from the Club Sport Program. This infraction will jeopardize future participation in our Campus Recreation programs. Clubs are also prohibited from advertising any fundraising events, on or off campus, where alcohol will be consumed by attendees. An infraction of this nature can result in all Campus Recreation funding being stripped from the club.