Clubs which do not abide by the policies and procedures outlined in this guidebook will be placed on probation.  Due to reporting procedures here at GW, The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities and the Office of Civility & Community Standards may get direct notification that a club has committed an infraction even before the Office of Campus Recreation or the Center for Student Engagement.

If a violation or infraction is deemed serious enough and warrants immediate attention by the Recreational Sports Director, it will be understood that immediate action may be taken. If a club feels that the disciplinary action taken was too severe or unwarranted, the president of the club may request for an appeal. This must be in writing and received by the Recreational Sports Director within one (1) week following the ruling. The Appeal Board will consist of the following individuals:

  1. Assistant Director of Campus Recreation
  2. Associate Director of Center for Student Engagement
  3. A member of the Student Association
  4. A member of the Club Sports Council