Insurance Coverage and Health Status

Since participation in the Campus Recreation Program is on a voluntary basis, neither the George Washington University nor the Office of Campus Recreation will accept responsibility for injuries sustained while participating in Club Sport activities. This includes injuries which take place in the course of transporting club members to and from club games and practices. Medical costs are constantly increasing and the expense of an unforeseen accident can seriously jeopardize an individual's academic or professional career. The Office of Campus Recreation hopes that all participants are protected against such a misfortune and strongly recommends that individuals not currently covered by an insurance policy obtain that coverage as soon as possible. It is recommended that you obtain a medical release from your family physician if your present health status is questionable.

It is the responsibility of the Club President (or one of the club officers at the game) to contact the Recreational Sports Director if any club member sustains an injury which requires that member to be taken to a hospital to receive medical attention. It is imperative that the Recreational Sports Director be notified immediately (within 24 hours) if a club member had to visit a hospital for an injury sustained during a Club Sport contest.