The Coach

It is not mandatory for clubs to have a coach. However, clubs choosing to do so should make this known to the Office of Campus Recreation. It is the responsibility of each Club Sport to secure the services of a coach if one is desired. Any coach selected by the club must meet with the Recreational Sports Director and be approved before assuming his/her duties as Coach. A coach may be a student, full or part time faculty/staff member, or an alumnus.

It should be emphasized that if a club elects to have a coach who charges for his/her services, it is an expensive endeavor. Coaches must have their fees covered by higher dues payment of its club members. Coaches are to be paid directly by the team from dues collected.

Although the position is of an authoritative nature, the coach is still responsible to the club as a whole, club officers and the club advisor. For no reason should the coach represent the club in any official capacity. Clubs are member-run and member-organized. 

Duties required:

  • Organize weekly practice sessions. 
  • Assist club officer's in scheduling games. 
  • Ensure the safety of all practices and game situations. 
  • Instill the sense of good sportsmanship on and off field.