Club Travel Rules and Regulations

All travel by any Club Sport at the George Washington University must be approved by the Office of Student Life at least ten days prior to any scheduled trip. Each club is solely responsible for its mode of transportation to and from club activities. The university strongly recommends that Club Sports utilize charter motor coach service with professional drivers. Under NO circumstances should clubs utilize 15-passenger vans for travel. In recent years, 15-passenger vans have been involved in numerous roll-over accidents resulting in fatalities. The George Washington University feels that these vehicles are inherently unsafe for group travel. Clubs are permitted to rent 12-passenger vans, minivans, and cars for travel.

Each year, a student desiring to drive for a club team must complete the Annual Student Driver Authorization Application.  If that student is over 21 years old, they can also complete the 10 - 12 Passenger Van Safety Acknowledgement in order to drive a larger capacity van   Whether it be in private, personal-owned vehicles or rental cars, the completed and personally signed form must be submitted by email to George Bauman ([email protected]) or in person to the Office of Campus Recreation along with a copy of your state issued driver's license.  Please do not submit applications with "computer generated" signatures.

Finally, all drivers must complete the online driver safety exam and email the completed course certificate to the Student Driver Program.  Information on this course will be sent to the student after the application has been received.

Clubs may use university allocated funds for payment of rental vehicles or any travel expenses. The university will pay for gas purchases or tolls associated with team travel. The university will pay for accommodations at hotels or motels when clubs travel to away matches. If renting vehicles from Enterprise, the insurance coverage is included in the rental for all renters age 20 and older.  All drivers of rental vehicles must be 20 years of age or older and have a very good driving record. In any club travel, the number of individuals in each vehicle cannot exceed the number of seat belts provided for the vehicle. (A 12-passenger van may not carry more than 12-passengers) Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate suspension of the club.

The Club's Travel Liaison officer must submit the online Student Org Domestic Travel Registration form on Engage at least ten days prior to any scheduled trip. Submission of this form does not warrant automatic approval for team travel. Any Club member that will be driving a vehicle must be a GW Approved Student Driver prior to any scheduled trip. If the club advisor or coach is not able to travel with the club on a trip, then he/she must delegate his/her authority to a "Person in Charge". This individual must be a registered club officer and listed as the "person in charge" on the Student Org Domestic Travel Registration form. Failure to adhere to this policy could jeopardize the status of the sport club. The Recreational Sports Director can immediately suspend team privileges of any team that travels without approval. Any accident, serious injury, or unusual occurrence on a club related trip - or even at event held locally - must be reported to the Recreatonal Sports Director by a club officer or advisor as soon as possible. If the club has an accident on the road, they should call the Aubre Jones immediately!

Office Phone: (202) 994-7775          Cell Phone: (202) 236-3516

The Office of Campus Recreation will not reimburse the owner of a privately owned vehicle for mileage accumulated on sport club trips. To receive reimbursement for hotel or motel lodging while on a trip, original receipts must be submitted on Engage as a Purchase Request.  A legitimate receipt is one on the hotel's letterhead with the correct date clearly indicated and the amount clearly stated. The individual being reimbursed must submit his name, address, phone number and GWid number with the receipts. The transportation and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited while traveling on university sponsored sport club trips.

Student Driver Program Instructions

If you will be operating a university-owned, leased or rented vehicle or drive a personal vehicle on behalf of the university, you must complete the appropriate form(s).

For clubs that are using Anthony Travel to reserve rental cars, airline flights, charter bus transportation or hotel rooms, please complete the GW Club Sports Travel Pricing Request Form to Debra Pearce ([email protected])

All students who will be driving on behalf of the university must complete the Annual Student Driver Authorization Application.  If you will be operating a 10-12 Passenger Van, complete both the Annual Student Driver Authorization Application and the 10-12 Passenger Van Safety Acknowledgement Form.  Complete the form(s) per the instructions provided (all names and signature lines are REQUIRED of Student Driver and GW Sponsor). 

Print and sign the form(s).
Scan signed forms (save as a PDF with First & Last Name)
Scan a CLEAR, READABLE, COLOR copy of your drivers license (save as PDF with First & Last Name).
The Club Sports administrator will email all PDF documents to the Student Driver Program administrator.  Students should never send their forms directly to the Student Driver Program.  If you have any questions, contact the Student Driver Program at [email protected]

Complete the Student Org Domestic Travel Registration Form

A Sport Club officer must submit the online Student Org Domestic Travel Registration form on Engage at least ten (10) business days prior to any scheduled trip.