The Club Sport President

The role of the Club Sport President is:

  • Serve as liaison between the club and the Office of Campus Recreation.
  • Attend all Club Sport meetings. If he/she is not able to attend a meeting, they must arrange to have an alternate attend.
  • Make any necessary arrangements for the scheduling of meetings, matches and facilities.
  • Submit and justify the club's budget request.
  • Inform club members of the contents of these guidelines for the Club Sports.
  • Responsible for assigning or electing a new club president to serve for the upcoming year.
  • Insure the club's compliance with the guidelines established for Club Sports.
  • Administration of budget, organization, planning and controlling.
  • Completing and submitting of accident forms, injury forms, waiver & roster forms, evaluation forms and facility reservation forms related to all club activity.
  • Supplying the most current information on all club members.
  • Check the club's mailbox once a week in the Office of Campus Recreation.

All Club Sport correspondence should be sent to the following address:

Office of Campus Recreation
Lerner Health & Wellness Center, Suite 217
2301 G St. NW
Washington, DC 20052

In addition to the Club Sports president, each club is encouraged to delegate responsibilities among other club members to serve as Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The president is the liaison between the club and the Office of Campus Recreation. He/she should not assign the responsibility to another officer, although it is appropriate to include other officers and/or club members in the communication processes. The key to this communication process is to delegate tasks. 

When assigning duties to individuals, make sure they are suitable for the job. Let a person who is good with numbers take care of finances, a person who is outgoing, can take care of contacting other schools for matches, etc. A proper match of person and task is essential for success. 

The president should describe in detail the desired results and deadlines for the task. They shouldn't assume the delegate automatically knows what to do.

Once the delegate is comfortable and understands the tasks, let the delegate do the job. It does no good to delegate if the president stays just as involved with the job as they were before. Let the delegate know that if they need assistance, they know where to find it. Confer with the delegate periodically and implement changes or redirect if necessary.

A smooth transition between incoming and outgoing officers is essential for the survival of every club. For this reason, it would be good to keep a survival notebook to pass along to the next president. The survival notebook should contain:

  • Contact persons (people to call for game scheduling, businesses to contact for donations, etc). 
  • Evaluations of fund raisers and ideas for future special projects. 
  • Old fliers used for publicity. 
  • Budget summaries. Recommendations for the following year. 
  • Copies of all forms submitted to the Office of Campus Recreation. 

The above information should not be considered a complete list of the president's responsibilities.