Officer Name Phone E-Mail
President Alex Murawski 978-968-8084 [email protected]
Vice President Dan Gregorio 978-882-1575 [email protected]
Treasurer Caesar Feng 202-999-6285 [email protected]
Travel Liaison      
Manager Dan Stoffel 626-627-4924 [email protected]
Public Relations Officer Ben Valdez 626-429-7440 [email protected]
Contact E-Mail [email protected]
National Affiliation United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association

Updated 6/1/2018

Registered under USIBA, and Team USA olympic boxing, the mission of GW Club Boxing is to deliver the fun and enjoyment of competitive boxing in a safe and constructive environment. GW Club Boxing is open to members who wish to be both competitive and non-competitive. GW Club Boxing will teach the art of boxing, ranging from the fundamentals, to advance techniques, in a safe atmosphere. The club aims to compete in local, state, national, and international competitions. The club is open to GW students of all skill levels and genders.


Fencing @ SIFA Fall 2018 Team Tournament

Men's Saber - 1st Place
Men's Foil - 2nd Place
Men's Epee - 3rd Place

Women's Saber - 1st Place
Women's Foil - 1st Place
Women's Epee - 1st Place

Field Hockey @ Hocktober Tournament

GW 3 - Salisbury 1

GW 6 - URI 2

GW 2 - JMU 1

GW 2 - Penn State 0

GW 0 - Northeastern 4

Placed 2nd in tournament

Men's Rugby @ St. Mary's College

GW 41 - St. Mary's 7

Ice Hockey @ St. Joseph's University

GW 3 - St. Joe's 3