Boxing spring 2019

Officer Name E-Mail
President Sydney Neuman [email protected]
Vice President / Treasurer Brianna Herbert [email protected]
Vice President / Communications Carla Dell'Angelica [email protected]
Vice President Emmanuel Babalola [email protected]
Vice President Sebastian Makrides [email protected]
Vice President Jatin Nayyar [email protected]
Travel Liaison Sydney Neuman [email protected]
Contact E-Mail [email protected]
National Affiliation United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association

Updated 11/30/2021

Registered under USIBA and Team USA Olympic Boxing, the mission of GW's Club Boxing team is to deliver the enjoyment and physical fitness of boxing in a safe and constructive environment. We teach the art of boxing, from the fundamentals to the advanced techniques in a safe atmosphere. Our coed team aims to compete in local, state, national, and international competitions, and is open students of all skill levelsers.